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18 Most Effective Home Remedies for Teeth Whitening Everyone Needs to Know About

A book is judged by its cover, like it or not. Similarly, it’s human nature to form perceptions based on the first impressions given by others. It’s a pity how people with discolored or unclean teeth face dejection in so many aspects of life, right from their romances to their job interviews. Habits such as over consumption of coffee, tobacco, and lack of personal hygiene in general can cause discoloration of teeth in the long run.

However, good news is that making discolored teeth whiter is not as hard as most people might think. It can even be done right from the comfort of your home without having to book an appointment with the dentist. Before we look at home remedies for teeth whitening, let’s discuss the causes of teeth discoloration. Let’s tell you more about these natural, inexpensive, super quick, and super effective remedies.

Top Causes of Teeth Discoloration
  1. Teeth discoloration is caused by both internal and external factors. External factors pertain to various edible substances that we consume orally, such as tea, coffee, red wine, soda drinks, tobacco, etc.
  2. Smoking and poor dental hygiene are responsible for teeth discoloration.
  3. Discoloration also happens as a side effect of some drugs and medicines, like antihistamines notably Benadryl, and medications such as tetracycline when they are given to underage children of below 8 years.
  4. Internal factors such as excessive exposure to fluoride in form of fluoride-rich water during early childhood are responsible too. Presence of excess fluoride content in our bodies, which can be taken in many ways including water and eating food cooked with such water, is a threat to white teeth. The excess fluoride causes formation of lines on your teeth, which might look light or faded depending on fluoride level in your body.
  5. Consumption of tetracycline medicine by pregnant mother or by children below 8 years of age creates intrinsic disorders which result in teeth discoloration.
  6. Infections to pregnant mothers can cause teeth discoloration in their children.
  7. Exposure to radiations and medical treatment of certain ailments result in discoloring teeth.
  8. Aging is another common factor which renders teeth discolored.

The Most Dependable Home Remedies for Teeth Whitening

Now that you have seen the causes of teeth discoloration and the factors that result in discoloration, it becomes important to learn about some simple home remedies that can effectively treat this problem and give you the shining white teeth you’ve always wanted.

1. Brushing Your Teeth Regularly
Brushing your teeth more often will increase the process of teeth whitening. Dentists recommend brushing your teeth after every meal you take. For instance, if you are taking four meals a day, you should brush your teeth four times at least. To ensure that this remedy works, always use a good toothbrush, for example the vibrating ones, which have round edges to clean the teeth thoroughly.

2. Use of Apple Cider Vinegar
Apple Cider Vinegar has been found as a great solution for whitening the teeth without going to the dentist. It is an ideal remedy for people whose teeth have been discolored due to excessive consumption of nicotine or coffee.

Give your teeth a thorough rub of apple cider vinegar and rinse properly with it on a daily basis for a lasting effect. However, since the substance is acidic; always remember to rinse your mouth after using it to prevent it from causing corrosions to your enamel.

3. Use of Strawberries
Apart from being nutritious and delicious fruits, strawberries are apt for improving the color of your teeth. Simply crush about 5 fruits to obtain the mixture which you can then smear over your teeth. The fruit is acidic, so you should rinse your mouth after this process.

4. Flossing Your Teeth Regularly
Brushing your teeth might not remove any food particles in between your teeth. The best possible method to remove such particle is by dental flossing. The best time to floss your teeth is during bedtime in order to prevent formation of plaque, which is known to stain teeth.

5. Orange Peels
Use of orange peel involves rubbing your teeth with the peel. In addition, you can make a mixture of dried, organic orange peel and ground bay leaves and brush your teeth with it. Make sure you rinse your mouth thoroughly after this treatment.

6. Use of Baking Soda
Did you know – baking soda is a prime component used in toothpastes?. You can make your own whitener using this substance by mixing it with a little salt.

7. Using Hydrogen Peroxide
Using hydrogen peroxide to brush your teeth or as a mouth washer is another great method for teeth whitening. This substance does not contain any harsh chemicals, making it gentle in the enamel. However, to obtain stunning results you would need to use the method on a daily basis.

8. Magnesium Brine
Magnesium brine is a mixture of magnesium chloride with water which is sometimes referred to as magnesium oil due to its oily appearance. Adding a few drops of this oil to your toothbrush and brushing your teeth will improve the whiteness of your teeth. The brine can be used as a mouth washer as well.

9. Lemon
Lemon has excellent bleaching qualities and can help you get rid of yellowness of teeth very quickly. It is best to gargle with lemon juice and use lemon peel to scrub your teeth well. A few drops of lemon, when mixed with salt and rubbed gently over teeth and gums, also brings effective results helping you get rid of tarter and yellow tinge and making your teeth shining white.

10. Salt
Salt has been one of most commonly used home remedy used for dental cleansing and teeth whitening. It aids in replenishing lost mineral content in the teeth along with revival of their white color. It should be taken care that salt is rubbed gently on teeth and gums as its rough use can damage gums and tooth enamel.

11. Basil Leaves
Basil leaves come handy in dental care. They are rich in whitening properties and also treat other dental problems like pyorrhea and periodontal disorder. Basil leaves can be sun dried and made into powder and be applied along with the toothpaste. Else, a paste of fresh basil leaves mixed with mustard oil can be rubbed on teeth on a regular basis for effective whitening results.

12. Apples
Apples are not only rich in minerals and vitamins but they also enhance dental whitening. Eating fiber-rich, crunchy apples by chewing them well helps in getting rid of the yellow stain on your teeth.

13. Raw vegetables like cucumbers, carrots and broccoli
Eating raw vegetables like cucumbers, carrots and broccoli helps making your teeth white, shining and strong. They have a high-fiber flesh which when chewed for a long time works on your teeth making the yellowness go away.

14. Charcoal
Sounds a little absurd, but it’s true that the black charcoal powder helps in making the teeth white! Charcoal has crystal-based chemicals which control the accumulation of yellow color on the teeth. As you brush, do not forget to add some charcoal powder in your toothpaste to see great results in very short span. The activated charcoal makes your teeth shine and sparkle.

15. Banana Peel
Bananas are rich sources of several minerals like potassium, manganese, etc., which penetrate deep in your teeth and prevent their discoloration. So rubbing a banana peel over your teeth thrice a week can help you get rid of that embarrassing yellow tinge.

16. Milk and yoghurt
How about a healthy mineral replenishment treatment for your teeth? Dairy products like creamy milk and yoghurt are abundant in calcium and potassium that aid in promoting re-mineralisation of tooth enamel. It is important to include milk and yoghurt in diary in order to have healthy, sparkling teeth.

17. Clove Oil
Cloves have been our best dental buddies from ages. Their oil has been recommended for treating various dental problems like tooth ache, pyorrhea, etc. Simply rubbing clove oil gently on your teeth and gums after brushing will remove yellowness from teeth. However, it is important to keep in mind that large dose of clove oil can be toxic so usage of clove oil should be done within limits.

18. Sesame Oil
Sesame is a rich source of calcium and is very important for strength and giving radiance to teeth. Take a tablespoon of sesame oil and swirl it all around the mouth. The process can be repeated for 10-15 minutes. Afterward, spit out the oil and rinse with warm water. Doing this on an empty stomach just after brushing gives good results, improving overall dental health as well as expelling toxins from the body.

That’s all about home remedies for whitening your teeth. These are cheap, easy-to-use methods which work wonders provided you use them consistently. Try a few of these, and see the difference these make to your teeth.