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Cure Ear Infections With Garlic

The benefits of garlic are known for centuries, and we know that even the ancients applied the garlic for health. This natural antibiotic has a wide application in the treatment.

We have already mentioned that garlic is a very good natural remedy for many diseases, but this time only to extend the knowledge of its healing properties.

A clove of garlic can heal the painful ear infection.

Here are some great tips that will amaze you with the practicality and the effect:
  • Garlic removes the pain in the ears and helps with headaches.
  • Ear pain is an unpleasant feeling, but with the help of the garlic can reduce and remove it in a moment. How?
  • Simply put cleaned clove of garlic in your ear. It fits perfectly in your ear, as ear plug.
  • The pain and inflammation passes within a few minutes, and you fell heat spreading through the ear.

Works for sure!

With this method you can cure headache.

In that case, repeat the procedure before going to bed. Let the garlic remains in the ears over night.

In the morning you will be like new.

Garlic lowers the body temperature.

This is ideal for children. If your child has a fever, chop the onion slices and soak them in apple cider vinegar.

Then place it on the legs and the ears of your child. The temperature disappears very quickly.