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Eject Kidney Stones in Just Six Days with This Simple Recipe

This is a truly fantastic natural recipe, and it will help you with ejecting a kidney stone. Just make sure that the stone is not too much because it will do damage when it starts to come out.

You will eject kidney stone for just six days, and the remains of sand, it will clean your kidney of sediment.

Natural Recipe for Kidney Stones

One man is on social networks share his experience with this recipe:

I’m out of kidney stone slightly larger than a grain of wheat in the following way, very simply:
  • 100 ml lemon juice
  • 100 ml olive oil (extra virgin)
  • 100 ml beer

All pour into a bottle and drink in the morning on an empty stomach per 50 milliliters. First, shake the bottle before use, for six days a stone will move and sand for three to four days!

Many people tried and were successful – shared satisfied reader his experience.

Note: lemon juice required has to be squeezed lemon, and you should pay attention to the size of the stone, as if it is greater than 15 mm, this recipe will run it, and then it can do damage during ejection through the narrow canals.