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High blood pressure-Causes and Symptoms

High blood pressure-Causes and Symptoms: High blood pressure is a major health problem seen in most of the people nowadays. High blood pressure occurs when the long-term force of blood to the artery walls is high enough to bring several health problems.

In another term, high blood pressure is also called hypertension. In a data collected it was found that 85 million people living in the United States have high blood pressure. If High blood pressure gets no cares that it can lead to breakage in many health problems like Heart attack, Stroke, and Kidney failure. So it is important to be treated.

Below are some of the causes of high blood pressure. Prevention is better than care if you see any of the symptoms of hypertension in your body quickly visit your doctor.

High blood pressure-Causes and Symptoms

Causes of High blood pressure

1. Smoking
Smoking is the very first cause for hypertension. It causes the blood vessels to narrow which results in the pressure of the blood to hit the artery walls even more harder. It also reduces the blood’s oxygen content due to which the heart needs to pump the blood even harder which causes a rise in blood pressure.

2. Age
Age also determines the blood pressure. Older people are likely to have high blood pressure than the younger ones.

This does not mean that no younger person cannot have hypertension, only a few numbers of young one’s face this problem.

3. Genetics
Genetics is another factor that causes hypertension. If your close family members have this problem then you are also likely to get this problem.

4. Overweight
People who have overweight are likely to get a high blood pressure. As they need more blood in their body parts they heart needs to pump up the blood in more pressure compared to that of normal people.

5. Lack of physical activeness
People who are lazy and lack physical activeness are having a sedentary lifestyle which raises the chances of hypertension.

6. High Alcohol Intake
If a person has a high alcohol intake he/she is sure to have this problem. Researchers have found that in such a person’s the systolic blood pressure are 7 millimeters of mercury higher than of normal people.

7. Mental Stress
Mental stress for a longer period of time seems to affect in the blood pressure resulting in rising. Studies have found that having a stress can also develop high blood pressure in future life.

8. Higher salt intake
Lower salt intake causes in the lower blood pressure which is not recommended either higher salt intake are recommended.

Studies have shown that people who like eating salty foods have high blood pressure.

9. Fatty Diet
Fat is very important in your diet. But a lot of fat causes High blood pressure.

Many doctors say that the fat from plant sources like Olive oil, Avocado are good for health whereas the saturated fats, as well as trans fat which is common in animals sourced foods, are bad for health.

10. Pregnancy
During pregnancy, women are likely to get a high blood pressure.

In a research conducted it was concluded that the women who are in pregnancy stage have high hypertension than those normal women.

High blood pressure symptoms

Blood pressure above 180/110 mmHg is considered as the emergency case so you wanna rush to the Hospital if your pressure lies between there.

So now you know the causes for high blood pressure, in case you feel some change in your body regarding blood pressure than read the symptoms of below to be sure it is hypertension.

1. A headache
If you are having an unusual and long headache than it can be a symptom of high blood pressure.

2. Dizziness
People having high blood pressure are likely to get dizziness over time. When their pressure gets high rapidly they suddenly feel the dizziness and even faint.

3. Nausea
Nausea is a commonly seen symptom in such person. They feel like vomiting in such situation.

4. Vomiting
Nausea and Vomiting are different from each other. In nausea, the victim has the inclination to vomit whereas people having hypertension have a lot of vomiting.

5. Double Vision
Blurred or double vision is another symptom of high blood pressure. Sometimes the victim tends to have blurry vision and even double vision.

6.  Breathlessness
Victims of high blood pressure face the difficulty in breathing.

As mentioned above high blood pressure is rare in children’s but in case you think that your children have this problem. Check this symptom of high blood pressure in Children.
  1. Nosebleeds
  2. A headache
  3. fatigue
  4. loss of appetite
High blood pressure is very dangerous and should be treated as soon as the above symptoms are shown. Doctors recommend checking their blood pressure once a month. The most health problems caused by Hypertension are:
  1. Heart Attack
  2. Kidney failure
  3. Clotting of blood
  4. Amnesia
  5. Harms Brain
So you do not want your body to face all this dreadful diseases.

This was the High blood pressure-Causes and Symptoms be sure to check your blood pressure and check to your doctor if there is any irregularity in blood pressure. Hope you have gained some information on what causes high blood pressure and symptoms seen during hypertension.