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Prevent Hair Loss With This Item And Regrow Hair And Eyebrows Too!

By now you must have heard of the health benefits of the castor oil – the bets natural treatment for hair and skin issues.

This oil is rich in vitamin E, is antifungal and antibacterial too. Since it has omega 9 fat acids it also keeps follicles nourished and stimulates hair growth, eyelash growth and eyebrows’ too.

Also, this oil has triglycerides from unsaturated fats and this is why it rejuvenates you. Also, it has ricinoleic acid that removes fungi, infections, microbes and mildew too.

It also lowers inflammation, aids in digestion and keeps intestines healthy.

This oil makes the eyebrows stronger, eyelashes and hair too because of the omega 9 acids. For more hair growth, rub a few drops on the scalp and it will nourish the follicles and pores.

Dr. David Williams said this oil is good for the lymph too, better than lymph meds and with just topical applying.

It is not just good for the hair but for other things like:
  • Less headaches
  • Curing skin issues
  • Prevention to acne, pimples, and skin issues
  • Less sunburn damage
  • Treating gastro issues
  • Prevention to worms
  • Soothing PMS, relaxing muscles and cramps
  • Curing Athlete’s foot
  • Preventing and removing dandruff, fungi and microbe infections in the scalp since it is fungicide, germicide and insecticide.

This pack is a great remedy especially for digestion, IBS, PMS, kidney stones, swollen joints, fibroids and ovary ulcers.

Put a bit of this oil on a gauze layer and apply on skin. To have better effect, put a warm water bottle over this pack and leave it for 60 min. repeat 3 times per week.

This oil speeds up growth of eyelashes and eyebrows too. Mix 15 drops garlic, 30 ml castor oil and 20 ml panthenol oil and apply on the eyelashes and eyebrows.