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The 10 issues magnesium can cure and the 5 herb remedies

Nutrient deficits make many health issues and we are aware of the importance only when we
experience this. Magnesium is vital for us and the work of every organ, but many people lack this
It makes more enzymes and energy and even regulates the nutrients inside. The good Mg intake affects
bones and teeth too. So, eat such foods regularly.

Deficit in Mg leads to:

– Hyperventilation
– Nausea
– Irregular heartbeat
– Spasms and muscle weakness
– Hard time sleeping
– Anxiety, irritability, confusion

Magnesium can soothe these issues:

1. Diabetes- clinical studies proved that more intake of Mg can lower diabetes 2 risk. Also
supplements regulate the blood sugar and boost insulin sensitivity.
2. Hypertension- pressure can become normal with calcium, magnesium and potassium. So eat low
fat dairy items.
3. Depression- Mg deficit can lead to low serotonin, happiness hormone. Studies shown that Mg is
just as good as antidepressants.
4. Asthma- a study with kids between 11-19 and adults too showed deficit in Mg causes asthma. If
you inhale Mg with nebulizer or get it intravenously you can soothe asthma attacks.
5. Restless leg syndrome- this is manifested with unpleasant feeling in legs but studies showed that
mg makes better sleep in RLS patients and removes cramps.
6. Osteoporosis- Mg is vital for healthy bones together with calcium and vitamin D. this and
workouts, and a healthy diet improves the issue.
7. Fibromyalgia (chronic pain in bones and muscles)- Mg and malic acid for 2 months can soothe
this pain. Also Mg supplements help in young cystic fibrosis and boosts muscle stamina.
8. Arrhythmia and heart problems- Mg also is vital for the heart and reduces serious heart issues
like coronary heart disease and arrhythmia. Mg intake improved the survival rate in those with
congestive heart failure.
9. Colorectal cancer- intake of Mg reduces the colorectal malignant growths.
10. Preeclampsia- the cause for this pregnancy condition is not known, but it may be lethal for
babies and mothers. Intravenous Mg is so far the best cure for pressure due to this issue.
Many foods can help this issue, like bananas, cocoa, nuts, crucifer veggies, whole grains, but also these


1. Spearmint
2. Dill- you can add this in potatoes, fish, eggs, beans, cucumber, yoghurt
3. Thyme- this herb has strong and fresh smell, vitamin C, fiber, iron, Mg…
4. Coriander- this herb can be added in soups, salads, stews and experts say it removes metals of
the body and gives you vitamins C, A, K and Mg.
5. Basil- aromatic, versatile and rich herb.