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Top 10 Superfood Picks for Fighting Cancer

Cancer is the most dangerous and hard to cure disease that medical science is struggling to come to terms with. It invokes fear and panic amongst its patients, who struggle to make the most of their numbered days. But amidst all the stress, pain and horrid bodily transformations, if patients turn towards cancer-fighting superfoods, they can actually prevent the spread of tumors and cut down their cancer cells.

Here are the top 10 superfoods that are highly effective at beating cancer:

1. Tomatoes
Their rich citric tinge and savoury taste puts them in the category of veggies, however, these incredibly healthy seed-based food is actually a fruit. They are truly the best of superfoods, and from purifying the blood to building up your strength, tomatoes are must-haves for a wholesome and healthy daily diet.

2. Green Tea
Black tea and green tea are derived from the same plant, known as Camellia sinensis, which is brimming with essential flavonoids, antioxidants and polyphenols. However, as opposed to black tea, green tea isn’t fermented, and it is far healthier as it packs greater amounts of catechins, a vital type of antioxidants required by the body.

Research reveals that individuals who have a habit of consuming 3-5 cups of green tea everyday dramatically cut down their risk of developing cancer.

3. Dark Chocolate
Most people believe that dark chocolate is unhealthy and fattening, however, the truth is that this rich and decadent delicacy is one of the richest sources of antioxidants. Dark chocolate is highly effective at promoting the health of your heart, along with regulating and reducing your blood pressure levels. All you need is one ounce of dark chocolate every day to brim yourself with essential nutrients and flavonoids without adding up heaps of calories.

Research reveals that dark chocolate is the best food to alleviate the symptoms of depression that often tend to accompany several types of cancer. It has a powerful antidepressant profile, which allows it to act as a mighty mood stimulant and elevator.

However, when you’re shopping for dark chocolate, always be sure to pick out varieties that have the highest concentration of cocoa. Most dark chocolate varieties tend to have 30-90% cocoa, but since the taste can be slightly bitter, it’s best to begin with bars that have 60% cocoa to get used to the taste. Just remember, bars with greater cocoa will have lesser sugars, and that’s exactly what you need.

4. Cruciferous veggies
Flowering veggies, or cruciferous as most people call them, look a lot like four-petal flowers that form the shape of a cross.

These vegetables are densely rich in nutrients, and your best picks include cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, kale, rapini, collard greens, and broccoli. You can chop these up and toss them into salads, soups, casseroles, appetizers and even smoothies.

5. Kefir & Yogurt
Kefir and yogurt are the best whey-based sources of protein, a nutrient that is essential to build up your body’s immunity to ward off infections, along with strengthening your muscles. Both these foods are rich in good bacteria, known as probiotics, which are highly effective at boosting the strength of your immune system, and promoting the health of your digestive tracts.

Furthermore, yogurt and kefir also happen to be one of the richest sources of calcium, which is vital for building strong bones, lowering blood pressure levels and encouraging the health of body cells. Research reveals that since these two superfoods are packed with conjugated linoleic acid and butyric acid, they not only fortify the immune system, but also cut down the risk of various types of cancers.

6. Lentils, Beans & Peas
Lentils, peas and beans are your richest plant-based sources of fiber and protein. If you want to build up your muscles and cure a protein deficiency without devouring harmful saturated fats present in processed and red meats, these are your best plant-based sources of this essential nutrient. Furthermore, they also pack a powerful dose of folate, which is essential to keep the DNA, present within the body cells, healthy and intact.

Research reveals that since lentils, peas and beans contain mighty profiles of phytochemicals, they are remarkable ingredients for cancer-prevention regime. Although researchers have failed to understand why exactly phytochemicals are capable of providing protection against cancer, however, several studies have recorded benefits like excessive apoptosis, hormonal balancing and increased antioxidant activity.

7. Wild Salmon
Research reveals that wild salmon varieties are always a better alternative than farmed salmon since it is devoid of chemicals, which are always prevalently used in farm-raised fish varieties. Furthermore, wild salmon packs up twice the amount of omega-3 fatty acids found in farmed salmon.

All you need is a 3-ounce serving of wild salmon to enrich your body with a whopping 2500mg of omega-3 fatty acids, and 500mg of eicosapentaenoic acid. If you want to keep your heart healthy and vitalized, be sure to devour 2 servings of salmon every week.

8. Berries
Berries are packed with Vitamin C, phyochemical anthocyanidins, fiber and ellagic acid, which makes them highly beneficial for treating a wide range of diseases and bodily dysfunctions. Berries are also rich in bioflavonoid quercetin, and catechins, which makes them effective natural remedies to prevent the spread of cancer.

Blueberries are highly effective for preventing memory loss amongst elderly individuals, while cranberries are often used to relieve the symptoms of urinary tract infections, and strawberries are amazingly healthy for diabetic patients.

9. Nuts
Nuts, particularly walnuts, almonds and Brazil nuts, tend to be amazingly healthy since they pack up a powerful dose of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, which are highly essential for the health of the heart. If you’re experiencing severe symptoms of cancer-induced anorexia and abnormal weight loss, a daily serving of nuts will help you build-up your weight by brimming your body with sustainable calories and essential nutrients.

These crunchy delights are packed with healthy fats, vitamin and a wide assortment of essential minerals, such as zinc, folate, phosphorus, selenium, calcium, potassium, magnesium and iron, along with heaps of fiber and protein. Walnuts are your best pick for a powerful dose of omega-3 fatty acids, which are more readily and easily absorbed by the body, while Brazil nuts fill you up with 100% of your entire daily dosage of selenium.

However, this remarkable nutrient density might not always work in your favour, because if nuts aren’t consumed with moderation, it leads to weight gain and obesity.

10. Leafy Greens
Leafy green veggies are brimming with folate, fiber, flavonoids, and essential carotenoids, such as zeaxanthin and lutein. These powerful nutrient compounds have wondrously effective antioxidant profiles that strengthen your body, and shield your body cells from all kinds of damage.

Leafy greens like Swiss chard, romaine lettuce, spinach, mustard, kale, chicory, leaf lettuce, collard greens and mustard contain powerful doses of zeaxanthin and lutein, which shield your eyes against the risk of blindness by actively fighting against the symptoms of macular degeneration.