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What Is The Main Reason For Pain Under Your Left Rib Cage And How To Cure It Naturally?

12 pairs of ribs contain our ribcage. The pain in the rib cage often comes suddenly. It might feel like a throbbing, stabbing kind of pain or just as a sharp shooting pain below the ribs. Today we will present you some different factors that can cause the pain under the left rib cage and some natural remedies that will treat this issue naturally.

The main causes of pain under your left rib cage

Heart attacks
This unpleasant issue can indicate heart attack, pericardiatis, angina embolism or some other heart related problem. This pain often comes from the chest and then shifts to the back, jaw or arm.

Upper abdominal pain can be caused by this issue. It can also cause vomiting, nausea or some other symptoms. Seek for medical help instantly if the sharp pain persists.

IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome)
This issue causes urge to go but not able to move bowels, cramps, bloating and gas. This pain can be also severe so changing the diet is the best remedy for this problem.

Referred pain
You can feel ribcage joint pain when you experience pain in a herniated disc. If the chest muscles feel tight or the muscles holding the shoulder blades are actually weakened. Such referred pain may see to come from the region under your ribs.

Lung issues
Pain under your left rib cage can be also indicated if you suffer from pneumonia, fluid accumulation or punctured lung. Difficulty in breathing can be also a sign for this issue.

Damaged spleen and broken ribs
Damage to the spleen can be also caused by blunt trauma. Broken rib is absolutely serious reason of rib cage pain, so ask for medical help immediately.

Cold and respiratory issues
Pain underneath the rib area can be also caused by asthmas, coughs and cold that make you cough and sneeze. You will definitely experience this type of pain if your cough last for a several week or a month.

Improper posture and strain during workouts
The bad habits such as slouching over the books, smart phones or keyboard often lead to this type of pain. Taut muscles and swollen ribs can be also caused by improper posture.

Kidney stones
Sharp shooting pain under your lower rib can be also caused by this issue because these stones are nothing but just hard calcium deposits which block urine passage.

Stomach issues, ulcers, gas, heartburn
Acid reflux and heartburn can often make you experience pain under your ribs on the left side. Gas stuck under your colon and some bad habits such as stress, anxiety, smoking, lack of dehydration and improper diet can also be the reason for this issue

The best natural treatments for pain under your left rib cage

Dietary and lifestyle changes
The consumption of fresh and organic fruits and vegetables, lean protein and fiber can really help you to solve this issue. Try to avoid stomach issues such as alcohol, soda and coffee.

Hot/cool compresses
Use a warm compresses or castor oil packs if you suffer from swollen muscles under your left rub. Soak some cloth in a mixture between castor oil and warm water and apply it on the swollen area for 20 min. Perform this procedure several times a week.

Home exercises and stretches
you can get rid of this unpleasant issue if you strengthen your spine and muscles. Ask your doctor for the best exercises and perform them permanently.