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10 Most Effective Home Remedies to Combat Low Blood Pressure

Irregular blood pressure is one of those troubles which most people have to go through at least once in their lives. You may try your best to avoid it, but the problem will find a way to sneak up on you. So, to help you be ready and armed when that happens or to face it if you’re already afflicted with blood pressure abnormalities, here are some simple remedies for low blood pressure that you can try out at home.

What are the causes of low blood pressure (hypotension)?
  • Heart problems are quite frequently the cause of low blood pressure.
  • Pregnancy is another common reason, because pregnancy causes a woman’s circulatory system to expand rapidly which causes the blood pressure to drop. However, it’s not a big concern because your pressure will return to its pre-pregnancy level once you’ve given birth.
  • Dehydration causes your body to lose an excessive amount of water which can cause dizziness, weakness and fatigue and you might even notice a drop in your blood pressure.
  • Loss of a lot of blood due to a physical injury or internal hemorrhage leads to a severe drop in your blood pressure level.
  • Endocrine problems like low blood sugar (hypoglycemia), thyroid conditions or even diabetes can be the cause of low blood pressure.
  • Septicemia or severe infection might lead to an extreme drop in your blood pressure levels which might trigger a life-threatening condition called septic shock.
  • If your diet lacks sufficient vitamins like folate or vitamin B-12, it can cause a condition called anemia where your body stops producing enough red blood cells, which leads to low blood pressure (BP).
What are the symptoms?

Unlike several other health problems, low blood pressure can be hard to detect, primarily because there are no clear cut and obvious symptoms. Nevertheless, here are some of the most common symptoms you need to look out for, so that your low blood pressure problem can be identified quickly, followed by proper treatment and preventive measures through effective home remedies:
  • An occasional feeling of dizziness or lightheadedness.
  • Experiencing a lack in concentration
  • Sudden fainting
  • Experiencing blurred vision
  • Frequent nausea
  • Feeling thirsty often
  • Shallow and rapid breathing
  • Experiencing fatigue
  • Skin turns pale and the hands go cold
Here are 10 incredibly easy remedies to help you bring your blood pressure back to normal. All you need are a few handy ingredients and a little consistency and you can control your low blood pressure from the comfort of your own home, without having to visit the doctor!

Home Remedies for Low Blood Pressure

1. Salt
If you frequently suffer from low blood pressure, increase the content of salt you consume. That’s because salt water is high in sodium which helps increase your blood pressure. However, you need to be very cautious to not overdo the remedy because excessive salt is still going to be harmful for your health. If you are a patient of kidney and heart diseases or if you are pregnant, consult a doctor before increasing the salt in your diet.

2. Caffeinated drinks
Did you know that caffeine can instantly boost your blood pressure? The immediate change level is quite impressive although the exact cause behind this potency of caffeine remain unexplained. A strong cup of coffee, a glass of cola or even a cup of hot chocolate, whatever the drink may be, the caffeine will help you bring your blood pressure level back to normal. However, try not to make a habit of consuming stuff with high caffeine content because it isn’t clear as to what the long term effects can be.

3. Licorice root
Low levels of cortisol in your body can cause low blood pressure. The licorice root can block the enzyme that breaks down cortisol in your system and helps to maintain your blood pressure level. You can make yourself some licorice tea out of the herb by seeping the leaves in warm water for 3-4 minutes and then straining it.

4. Holy basil
Holy basil is actually a very popular home remedy for not just curing low blood pressure but various other problems like sniffles and even sore throat. It is well known for its medicinal properties and is very rich in minerals like magnesium, potassium, vitamin C and pantothenic acid. Drink the juice of 10-15 basil leaves with a teaspoon of honey everyday with an empty stomach and watch it work a miracle for your health.

5. Beetroot juice
Drink the juice of a raw beetroot every day, twice on a daily basis for a week if you have low blood pressure. It will help bring your blood sugar level back to normal and also works wonders as a cure for high blood pressure as well. Other natural fruit juices would be quite helpful as well, although beetroot retains the crown in terms of effectiveness for correcting abnormal blood pressure.

6. Rosemary
Rosemary is another very popular home remedy; that’s because the herb stimulates your central nervous system which aids blood circulation and brings your blood pressure level to normal. It’s very easily available and is often found and stored in kitchens. You can use it by mixing it with a little olive oil and storing it and massaging yourself daily with the herb infused oil. Or you could add it to your everyday meals, if you want to savor that distinct flavor apart from keeping your blood pressure in check.

7. Raisins
Raisins are considered to be a traditional remedy for controlling your blood pressure. All you need to do is take a handful of raisins, soak them in some water overnight and eat them the next morning. You could also add a few almonds, some peanuts and a few black currents to that and consume the sinfully delicious mix with a glass of milk.

8. Water
Dehydration can often lead to a drop in your blood sugar levels. So, keep yourself hydrated throughout the day with plenty of liquids like water or fresh fruit juices. So the next time you feel nauseous because of a potential low blood pressure problem, grab a big bottle of mineral water and gulp it down.

9. Pomegranate
Another super easy home remedy is pomegranate fruit. It’s rich in anti-oxidants, it reduces the chances of a heart attack or stroke and of course, it reduces blood pressure. You can eat it as a fruit, add it to a salad or even juice it in a blender.

10. Carrot juice
It’s commonly known that carrots are immensely rich in all sorts of vitamins and minerals and that they’re really good for your eyes. But, carrots are also really great for balancing blood pressure levels. All you have to do is drink a glass of carrot juice with a dribble of honey every morning and you’ll have low blood sugar along with flawless skin in no time, apart from regulated blood pressure.

How to keep away low BP once you get rid of it?
  • Exercise, control fat consumption, and limit your alcohol consumption.
  • If you’re a blood pressure patient, keep your movements slow to avoid the sudden rush of dizziness you might be prone to.
  • Eat meals with low carbohydrate content and spread out your meals across the day.
  • Eat healthy and try to exercise eat least thrice a week. Try mild exercises like walking or yoga to regulate your blood pressure.