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Few Things You Didn’t Know About Detoxification

In the text below you will learn what detoxification is, why it is important and how to do it yourself.

When you hear the word detoxification, what first comes to your mind is diet and weight loss, excessive use of alcohol and drugs. But the real meaning of the word detox is cleansing the body from bad influences of the environment as industrial pollution, pesticides and food additives, cigarettes etc.

Detoxification is mostly related to the liver, colon and kidney because they are responsible for filtering and eliminating the harmful toxins that enter the body.

Why is detoxification important?

Detoxification is one of the best ways to keep the body healthy in a polluted environment.

These are some symptoms that you need detoxification, those are: pain in the head and spine, poor memory, increased sensitivity to drugs and pesticides.

The positive effects of detoxification are observed in the kidney, the liver, and the improvement of the blood. It improves the immune system, reduces dependence on sugar, caffeine and alcohol.

Short vs. long-term detoxification

Short-term detoxification process includes: 24 hours diet that allows only pressed juices, EDTA treatment and cleaning the body from heavy metals.

Long-term detoxification process includes change in the diet (avoiding meat, food with high amounts of carbohydrates, increased intake of fruits and vegetables, especially garlic).

Enter more fluid (water, tea, strained juices), and increase the intake of vitamins and supplements. Recommended exercises are yoga and pilates, and alternative therapies are acupuncture, homeotherapy and hydrotherapy. We recommend techniques that eliminate stress as massage and meditation.

Detoxification in our home

I’ll name a few ”DIY” detox treatments that are simple and inexpensive. These house treatments represent a good start, but will not give long-lasting results.

 – Lemon acid

Add lemon juice in water. Citric acid helps in the detoxification process. Due to the high ph value, citric acid can penetrate and break the molecules in the fat.

– Pills and detoxification capsules

Many companies sell tablets for detoxification. Enter them once a day and your detoxification can begin.

– Detoxification using apple

During the period of three to four days only eat only apple. I recommend those types that mature earlier in the season.