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How to stop a heart attack in 1 minute?

You probably didn’t know what we’re about to tell you, but there’s a very simple and effective trick that can stop a heart attack in only 1 minute!

Cayenne pepper is the most popular kind of chili pepper. You should always have it at home because it can help you save someone from your family and stop a heart attack.

Cayenne pepper has been the subject of many health experts. One of them is Dr. Richard Schulz, but also Dr. Christopher.

Over his 35-year career, American herbalist Dr. Christopher never lost a patient over a heart attack. He credits cayenne pepper for that. He has treated patients suffering heart attacks with a cup of cayenne pepper tea. They recovered from the heart attack in only one minute.

These scientists base their theories about cayenne pepper on personal experience and not on studies done in controlled conditions.

How to Use Cayenne Pepper

According to the Scoville Heat Units (SHU) cayenne pepper has at least 90,000 Scoville units. Habanero, African Bird, Thai Chi, Jamaican Hot Pepper, Jalapeño, and Scotch Bonet are species of peppers that have the same SHU value. Cayenne pepper can be found in supermarkets, oriental grocery stores or health food stores.

If you have cayenne pepper at home, give the person having a heart attack a teaspoon of cayenne pepper in a glass of water, but the patient has to be conscious for this to work!

If the person is unconscious, you can use cayenne pepper extract. Put several drops under the patient’s tongue for results.

Cayenne pepper is a powerful stimulant; it increases the heart rate and carries blood to all parts of the body, balancing circulation. Cayenne pepper has hemostatic effect, stops bleeding instantly, and helps in heart attack recovery.

According to numerous health experts, they have never lost a patient thanks to this instant therapy! Stop a heart attack in 1 minute!

Dr. Schulz’s Cayenne Tincture Recipe
Here, we’re presenting you a recipe for a tincture that is the best remedy for emergency cases of heart attacks. Use only cayenne pepper, which is the most popular kind of chili pepper. It is grown in India and South America.

Chili is a bushy tropical plant, and it is a perennial plant unlike peppers. Ground chili is twenty times stronger than regular pepper, because it contains much more capsaicin, a pepper alkaloid. The heat of chili peppers is inversely proportional to the size of the pepper, so the tiniest peppers are usually the hottest.

  • Cayenne pepper powder
  • 1-3 fresh cayenne peppers
  • 50% alcohol (you can use vodka)
  • 1 liter glass bottle
  • Gloves

First, put on the gloves for safety!

Fill a quarter of the glass bottle with cayenne pepper powder. Pour in enough alcohol so that it covers the powder.

Mix the fresh peppers with enough alcohol in a blender. You should get a sauce-like consistency. Add the mixture to the bottle so that ¾ of the bottle is filled.

Fill the bottle with alcohol to the top and put the lid on. Shake the bottle several times a day.

Leave this tincture in a dark place for two weeks and then strain it. Keep final tincture in a dark bottle. Let it infuse three months before straining in order to get a stronger tincture.

Store it in a dry, dark place. It never spoils!

Dr. Schulz’s Dosing Recommendation”
Give 5-10 drops of this tincture to the conscious patient who has suffered a heart attack or stroke. Give another 5-10 drops after 5 minutes. Repeat the treatment until the patient’s condition improves.

If the patient is unconscious, put 1-3 drops under their tongue, and begin CPR. Repeat the treatment after 5 minutes, and repeat it every 5 minutes until your patient’s condition improves.

Health Benefits
  • Cayenne pepper can be also used in the treatment of other ailments.
  • It has antifungal properties; it prevents the occurrence of Phomopsis and Colletotrichum.
  • It is known to be excellent for the digestive system, because it stimulates the production of gastric juices, and relieves gases.
Cayenne peppers possess anticancer properties, and they are especially recommended to patients diagnosed with lung cancer and smokers. Capsaicin, an ingredient found in cayenne pepper, prevents the development of tumors caused by tobacco, and similar results are noticed in patients diagnosed with liver cancer.

It is also helpful in the treatment of stomach problems, flu symptoms, migraines, allergies, redness, obesity, toothache and arthritis.

Nutritional Value
According to scientists, cayenne pepper contains even 26 different nutrients! Calcium, zinc, selenium, and magnesium are some of the most essential minerals found in cayenne pepper. In addition to minerals, cayenne peppers are rich in Vitamins C and A.

Cayenne pepper is one of the strongest natural spices and can do miracles for the heart. Always have this tincture at your home and stop a heart attack in 1 minute!